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GO HomE/StucK/; YoU,RE DrunK¡

A YounG WomaN StandS IN HeR BedrooM. IT JusT SO HappenS ThaT TodaY IS NoT HeR BirthdaY¡ ShE IS 20 YearS OlD NeverthelesS; BuT HaS NoT BeeN GiveN EnougH UniquE NicknameS YeT¡ WhaT WilL HeR NeW NamE BE¿

> EnteR NamE.

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Posted at 10:35pm on July 25th - 12 NOTES
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Hey look guys, I made a thing!

Hey look guys, I made a thing!

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SylpH OF HopE AT YouR ServicE¡ A DersE DreameR FroM ThE LanD OF WarmtH AnD StarS <3.

IF AnybodY EveR NeedS SomebodY TO TalK TO, I,M AlwayS HerE FoR YoU.

I JusT WanT TO SiT AT ThE ToP OF ThE WorlD, TO WatcH IT SpiraL DowN BeneatH MY FeeT.

HellO, MY NamE IS AndI. I,M TwentY YearS OlD AnD A PsychologY MajoR IN CollegE. I,M IN WaY ToO ManY FandomS BuT ThaT,S ReallY OkaY. AsK ME AnythinG YoU WanT, I LovE TO GivE AdvicE OR EveN JusT TalK AbouT AnythinG¡ AlsO; I,M SellinG BraceletS; YoU CaN SeE TheM ON MY "CreationS" PagE ^.^

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